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(This is one of the important post, which I have posted in the science forums discussions)

You may have question that, after acceptance of “Matter does not occupy space” by scientific community, what results will fallow ?

I will say about this before to that, If you have any confusions related to words of space, vacuum, empty space, energy and matter. For this first I will try to resolve these confusions.

My perfect definition about existence.
Existence: Existence is a size or volume, which contain same average density.

All existences are measurable independent one.

I will divide universe’s whole existences into two different types.

1) Empty existence.
2) Filled existence

1) Empty existence:  Empty existence is a size or volume, which contain same zero average density.
2) Filled existence: Filled existence is a size or volume, which contain same greater than zero average density.

On the base of these definitions, we can distribute world existences in these two types.

Empty existence: We can call this existence by the words empty space, or space and vacuum. 

It is zero density existence.

Filled existence: Energy, mass and all existences, which contain greater than zero density will come in this existence.

We can know almost all filled existences by our sensual organs and observation i.e by directly. But we know empty existence by only observations i.e by secondary effects or indirectly.

On this context related to topic of the thread, I am saying that,

‘Filled existence’ does not occupy ‘Empty existence’.

(In present science language it is like, matter does not occupy space.)


After acceptance of “Matter does not occupy space” by scientific community result will fallow like this.


1) Reason for expansion of space:

By understanding of “Matter occupies space”, world was considered only one volume, out of two volume of matter and space. This as, space is like a container and matter occupies volume of container.

In this world, two separate volumes of matter and space have existed. But our understanding of “Matter occupies space”, restricted us to consider only one volume and we will not consider another volume.

This makes to us to think,

Space has fixed volume and its (existed) volume will not change in any situation.
Till now world not considered emptiness as an existence. By this, world had not known that space also displaced by movement of more denser existence.

In this world denser existence has existed as a condensed state in the stars. Now we are familiar that every matter and energy also has its own separate volume, other than empty space. This condensed matter of star is converting into energy, which also has its own volume.

By this process, matter’s condensed volume is enlarging its volume in the form of energy. We know that volume of a mass is dependent on density. (i.e. Volume is small if (same mass) mass density is higher and volume is large if (same mass) mass density is lesser.)

In stars higher density existence is converting into less density existence. Means small volume is converting into big volume. Automatically this process, becoming reason for expansion of space. (I have said this in my paper. I have hope that, after some time, by me or from some one else, quantitative prediction will come for this)
But “matter occupies space” understanding is restricting us for not thinking in this way. Because here only one volume of the existence is considering and another volume is neglecting.

2) Neutron is empty space:

a) Discovery of neutron has taken lot of time. Because it does not have any charge. By experiments it is proved that, it has no charge. But Mathematics has given mass to it.

Scientists says that neutron influence the nuclear chain reaction. After influencing chain reaction it will decay, means it will be destroy.

Neutron existence was get accepted by scientific community, on the base of conservation law (any one may read Chadwick ‘nature’ article But established science will ignore this law, when they say neutron will decay after chain reaction.

Mathematicians give “mass” to neutron. If it has mass, then how mass will be destroyed? Because conservation law itself says “Mass/energy neither be created nor be destroyed. It only changes its form”.

I say, which does not have charge, they will not contain mass also. In this universe, the existence without having mass and charge is only empty space.

Now we aware that empty space can be displaced from one region to another region.
By motion of empty space, it may be influenced the nuclear chain reaction. If we accepted neutron as empty space then conservation law also not violated.

B) Neutron has discovered on the base of secondary effects. It has not found directly. Before discovery of neutron by Chadwick, Rutherford also assumed a neutral particle has existed in the atom. For his assumption main reason was positive charged alpha particle entered into the nucleus ( The nucleus which already has contain positive charged proton.)

As per rule, like charges must repel, but positive charged alpha particle entered into the positive charged nucleus. Means it contain some another particle which is neutral.

Now by my resistance of movement prediction, I say this process as,

Which have positive charge they are more denser existence.

Alpha particle entered into nucleus, it is a process of “more denser existence” (alpha) entering into nucleus of containing “more denser existence” (proton).

In my prediction, more denser existence, always opposes the more denser existence’s movement. But alpha particle (more denser existence) entered into the nucleus containing proton (more denser existence”), means some, not opposing nil denser existence has existed in the nucleus. That nil denser existence is empty space.

Because empty space has nil resistance property for motion and it will not opposes to any particle motion.

3) Fifth matter:

After acceptance of my idea by scientific community. Matter definition will be“Matter is that which have the space or volume”.

By this definition any existence of the universe will not remain outside the matter ( Now photon and other things are outside of matter).

Empty space also will become a matter. Because it has its own size or volume and it plays measure role in forming of different state of filled existence. For example: Ice and water. Main difference in between these is, one contains empty space less and another contains more.

4) Universe is boundless:

Established science considered space is like a container of the matter. Therefore lot of people thinks that universe has boundaries. But we now aware that space is not a container. Therefore it has no any boundary.


These are some specific results which will be followed (after some time) by acceptance of my ideas from scientific community.

Till I have not shared one main result (in my paper also). I think time and place should be suitable for this. I am expecting a big stage for this announcement. The stage, from which my voice will able to reach all over the world.

For all these results, main base is acceptance of “matter does not occupying space”.

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